Konewko headshot

Simonetta Milli Konewko

  • Associate Professor, Department of Global Studies (Italian Program)


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2007
Laurea in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Urbino (Italy), 1990

Current Research Interests:

Neorealist literature and film
19th and 20th century Italian literature and culture
Holocaust studies
Theories of compassion
Theories of emotions

Current Teaching Interests:

Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture; Italian folklore and popular culture

Other Relevant Activities:

Coordinate Italian immersion weekends

Recent Publications:

Neria De Giovanni. Around the Dinner Table with Grazia: Food and Cooking in the Work of Grazia Deledda. Trans. Simonetta Milli Konewko. UWM Digital Commons, 2020.

Milli Konewko, Simonetta. L'Italia neorealistaCompassione e identità nazionale nel dopoguerra. Carocci.  2018.

Milli Konewko, Simonetta. (2018). “La rappresaglia: Highlighting female identity through compassion and shame.” In Thomas Craig and Laura A. Salsini (Eds) Resistance, Heroism, Loss. World War II in Italian Literature and Film (pp.121-137). Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

 Milli Konewko, Simonetta. (2018). “The Garden of Finzi-Continis, Compassion, and the Struggle to Affirm Identity.” Journal of Literature and Art Studies, (4), 539-552.

Milli Konewko, Simonetta. Neorealism and the "New" Italy: Compassion in the Development of Italian Identity. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Images of work in Collodi’s Pinocchio.” Images V. Images of Cultural Values. 5th Annual International Conference. September 2-3, 2015. Istanbul-Turkey.. Images V. Images of Cultural Values. 5th Annual International Conference. September 2-3, 2015. Istanbul-Turkey., (2016).

Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Emanuele Crialese’s Nuovomondo and the Triumph of the Mediterranean Heritage.” Athens Journal of Humanities & Art. (2015).
Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Smoke Over Birkenau and Models of Female Compassion.” Rivista di Studi Italiani 31.1 (2013): 471-490.
Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Rossellini’s compassions as social evaluation.” Journal of Literature and Art Studies 2.7 (2012): 683-690.
Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “La ciociara: la funzione della compassione come critica sociale.”Alberto Moravia e la ciociara. Letteratura. Storia. Cinema. Ed. Fàvaro, A. Salerno, Italy: Sinestesie, (2012): 96-106.
Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Functions of Compassion in Natalia Ginzburg’s Representation of Traditional Family and Extended Communities.” Rivista di Studi Italiani 29.1 (2011): 110-127.
Milli Konewko, Simonetta. “Виживання в Аушвіці’ та узи співчуття у таборах (Survival in Auschwitz and Compassionate Bonds in the Camps).” Holocaust and Modernity 2.9 (2011): 30-53.
Cover of Around the Dinner Table
Front cover of L'Italia neorealista Compassione e identità nazionale nel dopoguerra by Simonetta Milli Konewko. A black and white photo from the mid-twentieth century of a woman from the abdomen down, wearing a white dress and black sandals, standing on a city sidewalk near a black car. Text in white except L'ITALIA NEOREALISTA, which is in orange.