Justin Misiora, Global Management (2017)

Dealer Services Analyst, Ford Credit

Justin Misiora is a 2017 graduate of the Global Studies Management track.  He is currently a Dealer Services Analyst for Ford Credit under the Ford Credit Leadership Development Program.  This unique program introduces ambitious young professionals to the automotive financing industry by exposing them to a range of finance related positions within Ford Motor Credit Company.  Currently Justin analyzes dealership financials, identifying and mitigating risk. The program allows him to hone accounting, finance, and marketing skills while preparing for a future leadership position at Ford headquarters in Michigan.

Justin completed a required study abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic and interned at a real estate holding company, Ott Properties, gaining valuable experience with business development, marketing, and sales.  The challenges and adversity faced while living abroad really helped him stand out in the post-graduation hiring process.   He believes if you approach global studies with an open mind and keep your nose to the grindstone, you will get out of the program as much as you put in.

Watch this video to find out why Justin originally joined the Global Studies program.

Stephanie Davidson, Global Security Track (2015)

Freelance Professor, Translator & Tutor, Costa Rica

Kayla Maule, Global Management (2012)

Assistant Director of International Admissions & Advising, Boston University

Chaya Nayak, Global Security (2011)

Research Manager/Data Scientist, Facebook

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors in Global Studies –Security. The time that I spent as a Global Studies student has laid the foundations for the work that I have done in the past 5 years. While at UWM, I focused my time on understanding Global Security through the lens of food security. In my Junior year, I studied and worked abroad in Hyderabad and Pune India, first spending 6 months at a graduate school, the University of Hyderabad, and then subsequently working for 6 months at the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR). At the WOTR, I worked to study the impact and feasibility of building Aquaponics systems in rural India – work that I would come back to when I graduated in 2011. My work and study in India, was one of the most foundational experiences of my career, in which I not only learned the intricacies of working and living in emerging markets, but also grew to understand the hurdles non profit development institutions faced when carrying out programs.

As a senior at UWM, I was given the opportunity to travel to UC-Berkeley for the Public Policy and International Affairs fellowship (PPIA).  In this summer, I really learned the value of the interdisciplinary GS degree.

I was subsequently admitted to UC-Berkeley with a full scholarship to pursue a Master of Public Policy which I completed in 2014. Since my master’s degree, I have transitioned to Data and Research Scientist roles at various companies at two startup tech companies in San Francisco, Quid and Premise. I am now the Research Manager / Data Scientist on Facebook’s Public Policy and Data For Good team. In this role, I am working to build research on how Facebook’s data can be used to support the world in developing and implementing strong policies to address poverty, health, and other divisive issues worldwide. The foundations set in the Global Studies program provided me with a strong lens with which to approach my work and make an impact.

Darius Alemzadeh, Global Security (2009)

Since graduating from UWM in 2009 with a degree in Global Studies, I’ve worked across 4 continents in the humanitarian sector. Currently, I am managing psychosocial support programming in Libya for a Danish INGO, but I owe much of my success, past and present, to my time at UWM. I was a student in the early days of the Global Studies program and luckily the Security track had been created.  I knew as a freshman that I wanted to dedicate myself to children’s rights, and the Global Studies – Security track seemed like a perfect fit.

It was an eventful period in my life. I met one of my best friends – 10+ years – in the program. I received mentorship and support from amazing staff, inside and outside of the classroom. We were a small group, so friendships and study alliances were quickly and easily formed. I started working in the field before I even finished my studies and found good fortune in an amazing support network amongst classmates and professors as I juggled intersecting priorities and responsibilities.

It was great practice for graduate school, Hurricane Sandy, being chased by machete-wielding fishermen, busting through crippling corruption in India, navigating clunky bureaucracy in New York City, responding to a coup d’état in Guinea, and helping children recover from the horrors of war and the terror of Daesh. I have contributed to post-Ebola recovery, worked the Syrian and Mediterranean crises, and currently support programmes as a technical advisor in 5 countries across 2 continents. The humanitarian sector is open to all who wish to be working to protect the rights of others, but without the necessary skills and training I received during my time at UWM I would not be where I am today. And to think, it all started because I walked into Garland Hall and became part of Global Studies at UWM!