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Chancellor Mone headshotEach year at commencement time, I reflect on the remarkable journey our students have taken to get here. This year, their journey has been way beyond remarkable. Unparalleled. Extraordinary. Unexpected. Indeed, this has been a life-changing year for our students and all of us.

Much of what we took for granted has changed over the past several weeks in ways we could never have predicted a few short months ago. Despite all the change and unknowns, however, we are bolstered and comforted by one certainty – UWM faculty, staff, alumni and friends are always ready to step forward and help.

In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, we turned to our community for the basic human needs of our students – assistance to pay rent, to purchase food and to acquire other necessities. I am grateful to the hundreds who responded generously, allowing us to provide emergency financial assistance and food to more than 1,000 students. But the need is great, and we continue to work diligently to gather additional support, and that is why I’m inviting you to join me in supporting the Chancellor’s Student Success Fund.

UWM students are resilient, adaptable and strong – and they need you now more than ever.

Mark A. Mone

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About the Fund

The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund was established on May 1, 2020, with a $50,000 lead gift from Chancellor Mark Mone and Dr. Sara Swanson. This gift launched a $1 million fundraising campaign with the goal of helping as many students as possible attain their goal of graduating from UWM.

Since March 16, 2020, thousands of our students lost jobs and much-needed income as campus, restaurants, retail stores and service organizations shut down. Hundreds of generous donors responded by providing emergency assistance and food to nearly 1,000 students as of early May.

Now, as we look forward, we know our students will continue to need scholarships and other financial assistance, to allow them to complete their degree. The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will respond to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19 and beyond. This fund will be administered by the Dean of Students office, and applications for aid can be submitted for scholarships, fellowships, payment of unpaid balances of tuition and/or fees, emergency expenses and/or stipends for research or travel.

By supporting our students now, you are sending the message that we stand strong against the pandemic, and we are doing what we can to minimize the effect on our students’ futures.

Why We Give

Please consider making a gift to what matters most: our students’ success. A gift to the Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will help ensure our students get the help they need to reach the heights they can achieve.

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Vice Chancellor, Development & Alumni Relations
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