UW Credit Union Gifts Help UWM Students

March 22, 2018
Representatives from UW Credit Union celebrate with their scholarship recipients at UWM’s 2017 Scholarship Reception. Pictured left to right are: Markia Silverman-Rodriguez, Luisa Herrera of UW Credit Union, Jaimes Johnson of UW Credit Union, Ethan Suhr, Natalie Meyers, Alexandra Seager, and Anna Emerson.

UW Credit Union has given the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee more than $1.4 million since 2012, the official start of our university-wide fundraising effort, Made in Milwaukee, Shaping the World: The Campaign for UWM. UW Credit Union has locations throughout Wisconsin, including the UWM Student Union.

Last year, the company gave the university $1 million in support of renovating the union and $230,000 for student scholarships. The union serves 22,000 visitors per day and is in need of upgrades, repairs, and enhancements. In December 2017, students voted against a referendum that would increase student fees to renovate the union. According to UW System policy, student unions must be funded through user and segregated fees rather than taxpayer dollars. Private donations, such as the gift from UW Credit Union, help alleviate that burden from UWM students.

“I am grateful to UW Credit Union for having the foresight to step up and offer their generous assistance with this project,” said UWM Chancellor Mark Mone. “I also greatly appreciate their dedication to supporting scholarships at UWM. The investment they are making in our students is benefitting our community and our state.”

UW Credit Union began supporting scholarships at UWM – and several UW System universities – in 2008. Since then, 35 UWM students have received the UW Credit Union Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need.

“At UW Credit Union, we are proud to continue our tradition of support to the UW-Milwaukee campus, helping students to reach their goals,” says Luisa Herrera, director of member sales and services at the UW Credit Union. “Our free financial seminars and scholarships provide students with the tools needed for success. UW Credit Union’s support of the UW-Milwaukee Student Union provides students with a place to gather, relax, study, and learn. It is an honor and a privilege to serve the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of UW-Milwaukee, one of the top research universities in the country.”

Ethan Suhr, a film major at UWM’s Peck School of the Arts, says this scholarship helped him avoid the heavy burden of debt that so many students face upon graduation. “The ‘how’ of paying for college weighed on the minds of my family and myself for many months during the application process. Breaking down the price tags of different schools was a dizzying experience, and I often worried that significant, long-term debt was inevitable upon graduation. Being offered this scholarship lifted some of this weight from my shoulders. At this point, it appears that I will be able to graduate with little to no debt, and this has alleviated many of my concerns about beginning my life as a young adult.”