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Thousands have lost jobs due to COVID-19, making it difficult if not impossible for them to pay rent, buy food and stay in school. The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will provide a wide range of emergency financial assistance, including scholarships to keep students on the path to success. Please consider a gift to help UWM’s students in crisis
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Our Campaign Priorities:

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    Student Success

    THIS IS WHY: Scholarships are magnets that draw the best and brightest students to our degree programs and give worthy students access to a UWM education that would otherwise be out of their reach. Prizes honor emerging architects and urban designers who show a potential for greatness. Studio sponsorships allow donors to be actively engaged through presentations, tours, and participation on juries.

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    Research Excellence

    THIS IS WHY: Wise decisions about design and planning are based on high-quality research. Endowed chairs and professorships are a high honor for the faculty who hold them and allow us to attract and retain top instructors who are experts in their field. Faculty fellowships allow students to learn from promising faculty members or guest teachers through exhibitions, workshops, master classes, and lectures. Gifts to our institutes help fund travel, speakers, technology, conferences, and participation in juried competitions.

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    Community Engagement

    THIS IS WHY: By underwriting lectures and exhibitions, donors can help us share the work of our students, faculty, and alumni and allow us to keep these events free and open to the public. Support for the resource center allows us to offer updated reference materials and let students tap into precendents and case studies from around the world. Gifts to our school’s Community Design Solutions helps provide preliminary design and planning services to underserved nonprofit groups in Wisconsin.

I have hired many UWM graduates, and their skills have consistently exceeded those prepared through other educational programs. I consider scholarships an investment in my company's future.

Greg Cook ’81

Principal at Holabird & Root and a Founder of the STAR Fund

89 students placed in externships at 63 firms

top 3 phd program in the U.S.

more than 90% professional degree graduates employed within a month

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