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Thousands have lost jobs due to COVID-19, making it difficult if not impossible for them to pay rent, buy food and stay in school. The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will provide a wide range of emergency financial assistance, including scholarships to keep students on the path to success. Please consider a gift to help UWM’s students in crisis
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Our Campaign Priorities:

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    Student Success

    THIS IS WHY: Scholarships and fellowships make our school more competitive in bringing remarkable scholars to our school. This type of support also allows many of our graduate students to balance going to school while working full time.

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    Research Excellence

    THIS IS WHY: Professorships are a great honor for our faculty and enable us to attract and retain instructors who are leaders in the field of public health. Support for emerging research programs allows us to continue our leading-edge work in epigenetics, developmental neurobiology and immunology, social and environmental epidemiology, statistical genetics, maternal and child health, and genomics.

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    Community Engagement

    THIS IS WHY: Our community-based projects leverage UWM’s partnerships with many organizations in southeastern Wisconsin and advance the work of these groups. About a third of our students conduct their field experience with the Milwaukee Health Department, while many Zilber students have been placed at other governmental public health agencies, such as the Wisconsin Division of Public Health and State Lab of Hygiene, and nongovernmental agencies, like Walnut Way Conservation Corp., Fondy Food Center, and the Wisconsin Alliance for women’s Health.

Our community needs a school that will be a catalyst for healthier communities through the education of well-preapred public health leader-practitioners.

Susan Lloyd

President of the Zilber Family Foundation

First accredited public health school in Wisconsin

2015 Milwaukee Award for Neighborhood Development Innovation

1 of 63 accredited schools in the country

For more information about the School of Public Health uwm.edu/ publichealth

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