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Thousands have lost jobs due to COVID-19, making it difficult if not impossible for them to pay rent, buy food and stay in school. The Chancellor’s Student Success Fund will provide a wide range of emergency financial assistance, including scholarships to keep students on the path to success. Please consider a gift to help UWM’s students in crisis
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Our Campaign Priorities:

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    Student Success

    THIS IS WHY: Nearly every undergraduate student takes courses in Letters & Science, which offers a multitude of classes in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Your investment in our students is critical to their future success and the strength of the College of Letters & Science. Scholarships and fellowships play an integral role in our students’ college experience by covering tuition and other expenses. Study abroad allows students to build their resume, apply classroom theory to real-world situations, and gain confidence from successfully navigating a new culture and language. Support for internships and student research provide our students with practical experience in their fields.

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    Research Excellence

    THIS IS WHY: UWM has become one of America’s top research universities, receiving international recognition for its contributions to the global research community. Nowhere on our campus are those efforts more evident than in the College of Letters & Science. Endowed professorships and chairs are essential to keeping L&S on a path of excellence and helps us recruit and retain scholars at the forefront of their fields. Support for our research institutes and centers help provide a place for students and faculty to collaborate and work. No matter what the area of research, lab equipment is an essential part of the work our faculty and students do every day.

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    Community Engagement

    THIS IS WHY: The College of Letters & Science acts as a gateway to the university for many in the community. Support for the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series helps raise the profile of the college and the entire university. Our research symposia allow our faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate students to present their research to large audiences in a professional setting. Sponsorship of our film festivals help us engage with the community by exploring a wide array of social, cultural, and political ideas. Support for the UWM Science Bag lecture series helps us make science accessible and exciting for thousands of visitors of all ages.

I would not have been able to devote as much time to research without my scholarship. I learned a great deal in Dr. Patch’s lab, met some amazing people, and developed skills one would never develop in a classroom setting. I’ll always be thankful to everyone who made this possible.

Yazeed Qadadha ’17

New Directions Scholarship Recipient

50.1% of all UWM credits hours are in Letters & Science

L&S receives more than half of UWM’s research grant money

76 undergraduate majors & programs

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