German Studies Certificate


To obtain the certificate, students must complete at least 18 credits including the requirements in either of the following two tracks. In both tracks, students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.75 in all courses taken for the certificate, including language courses. Students should be aware that not all certificate courses are taught regularly. They are advised, therefore, to plan ahead in choosing courses needed for the certificate. A maximum of 3 credits in advanced independent study courses (699) may be applied toward completion of certificate requirements. Other appropriate courses taught by the area faculty, but not on the list, may be taken with the approval of the Chair of the Russian and East European Studies Committee. For courses to count towards the REES certificate, at least one third of the content must be related to the regions of Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Eurasia, and/or Central Asia. For pre-approved courses, see the list of approved courses. When necessary, requests for other substitute courses will be considered by the committee, provided they are made well in advance of graduation.

Track One (with language study)

  1. 9 credits in approved upper division courses in area history, political science, area studies, and foreign languages and literature, or substitutes as approved by the Committee.

  2. Demonstrated proficiency in one of the languages of the region: four semesters of language study or its equivalent. Students with language proficiency gained in contexts other than classroom instruction should consult the REES advisor about proficiency testing options.

Track Two

  1. 18 credits from the approved list of courses in area history, political science, area studies, and foreign languages and literature, or substitutes approved by the Committee. At least 9 credits must be upper division.

At least 9 credits must be completed successfully at UWM for both tracks.

Exit Survey

Students in both tracks are required to complete an exit survey upon completion of their required coursework. The assessment process allows certificate students to reflect on their experiences while providing important information to help improve the program.

The exit survey is conducted online for a limited period of time during the fall and spring semesters. Students who are about to complete or have finished all coursework should contact Tracy Buss ( concerning the exit survey.

Please note: The exit survey is a program requirement. Failure to complete the survey prior to graduation will delay processing of the graduation clearance.

Courses Approved for the Certificate Program

Ethnic Studies
ETHNIC 250Selected Topics in Ethnic Studies: (Ethnic Processes and Nationalism – Russia and the Former USSR subtitle and other appropriate subtitles)3
GEOG 330Europe: East and West3
HIST 239Poland and its Neighbors, 1795-19143
HIST 248The First World War3
HIST 249The Second World War in Europe3
HIST 295Historical Encounters: (with Russian and/or East European subtitle)3
HIST 341Imperial Russia3
HIST 343Russia Since 19173
HIST 346Poland and Its Neighbors, 1914-19453
HIST 348Poland and Its Neighbors, 1945 to the Present3
HIST 364The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism & the Fate of Jewish People in Europe, 1933-453
JEWISH 358The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture3
Jewish Studies
JEWISH 421Introduction to Yiddish Literature:3
POL SCI 302Politics of Eastern Europe3
Political Science
POL SCI 310Russian and Post-Soviet Politics3
POL SCI 312The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes3
POL SCI 333Seminar in Comparative Politics: (with Russian and/or Eastern European subtitle)3
POLISH 101First-Semester Polish5
All courses
All courses. The following Russian courses are offered regularly:
RUSSIAN 101First-Semester Russian5
RUSSIAN 102Second-Semester Russian5
RUSSIAN 201Third-Semester Russian4
RUSSIAN 202Fourth-Semester Russian4
RUSSIAN 310Advanced Russian Reading and Conversation:3
RUSSIAN 311Contemporary Russian Language:3
RUSSIAN 419Introduction to Translation: Russian to English3
Courses taught in English:
FLL 240Vampires: From Slavic Village to Hollywood3
RUSSIAN 245Russian Life and Culture3
RUSSIAN 260Topics in Slavic Culture:1
RUSSIAN 350Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy in Translation: Major Works3
RUSSIAN 361Russian and Slavic Folklore3
RUSSIAN 391Russian Literature and Culture in Translation:3
POLISH 236Polish Culture in its Historical Setting3
Slavic Languages
All courses
Alll courses