WGS Visits the Geosciences Department

  • The group hangs out in the Thomas A. Greene Museum.

On Saturday February 20th, members of the Wisconsin Geological Society (WGS) visited the UWM Geosceinces Department. The WGS is a long-time contributor to the department in the form of student scholarships and a generous donation that allowed the purchase of a new large-format printer. The students can use the printer to offset the costs of printing posters when attending conferences to present their research.

On this visit, we opened up the Department to the members and gave them a complete behind-the-scenes tour. This included getting access to the Thomas A. Greene Museum storage where ~95% of the collection is housed to see museum quality pieces up close. The group were also given tours of faculty labs including Dr. Julie Bowles’ paleomagnetic lab and Dr. Lindsay McHenry’s X-ray diffusion/X-ray fluorescence lab. Several other rooms were open as well for the members to peek into including: the Department storage room, the seismic vault, the rock cutting room and the student computer lab where the poster printer is kept. Graduate student Mark Borucki demonstrated the flume take where water flows over sand to create several different sedimentary structures.

All the members seemed to really enjoy getting this rare look into what type of research is taking place and what facilities are available in the UWM Geosciences Department. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the WGS for many years to come.