Structural Geology Fieldtrip to see the famous Baraboo Syncline

On April 21, 2018 the Structural Geology class went to Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, and Rock Springs, Wisconsin to view the world famous Baraboo Syncline. The students measured bedding and cleavage orientations to be used in an upcoming lab assignment (with stereonets!). There was still a little snow on the ground, but it was the first real day of spring this season. The faculty member who led the trip is Dyanna Czeck.

We found the Grand Unconformity in Devil’s Lake State Park! Cambrian boulderiferous conglomerates overlie Mesoproterozic quartzite.

Van Hise Rock, the most famous outcrop in Wisconsin! Students on the left (Ruby Huntoon, James Van Eerden, Liz Spitzer, Chelsea Volpano, Rami Badreddine, and Griffin Wagner) show us the orientation of the phyllite cleavage which is moderately dipping to the left. Students on the right (Josh Tomaszewski, Justin Sieker, Nancy Duque, Josh Marquardt, and Kenny Neitzke) show us the horizontal quartzite cleavage. Eli Sutula (center) couldn’t decide which rock he likes best and shows us both!

A line of students measure bedding and cleavage planes at a classic outcrop on the Northeast bluff at Devil’s Lake State Park.