Nancy Duque

Teaching Assistant
 Lapham Hall 334

Advisor: Dr. Dyanna Czeck

My current research focuses on understanding the relationship between kinematic vorticity and the strain magnitude of a shear zone deformed in the mid-lower crust. I’ll be analyzing the overall kinematic partitioning and fluid flow of metasedimentary rocks in the Pulo do Lobo along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone (SISZ), since this shear zone has simple geometry and variable strain magnitude. Determining the relationship between strain intensity, kinematic vorticity, and fluid infiltration will allows us to further understand the fluid’s role in strain localization, which is an essential process in plate tectonics. I’ll be conducting a qualitative strain analysis in the field coupled with a microstructural, EBSD, and vorticity analysis. If time permitting, I will conduct XRF analysis as well.