Kaylee Richards Recognized by the Geological Society of America

Undergraduate Geosciences major Kaylee Richards was recently awarded the prestigious On To The Future travel award to attend the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, in Denver, CO. She will present the results of her research at this meeting in a special symposium on fossil forest ecosystems.

Kaylee is a UWM SURF awardee and is specializing in isotope geochemistry, with research advisor Dr. Erik Gulbranson, and is developing a novel proxy to study the evolution and paleoecology of plant-mycorrhizal symbiosis. Kaylee’s work merges the disciplines of isotope geochemistry and plant biology to develop an understanding of how plants obtain nutrients from soil, with implications for the studying the sensitivity of these symbioses to climate change during the evolutionary history of the host plants.

Prior to being a SURF awardee, Kaylee worked on the isotope geochemistry and biology of symbioses of plants with nitrogen-fixing bacteria as part of class project, which resulted in a manuscript prepared for publication.

Congratulations, Kaylee!!