Graduate Financial Support

Detailed information regarding the types of funding available can be found on the UWM Graduate School’s “Financing Your Education” webpage. In addition to the Graduate School’s awards, the department has a limited number of scholarships and awards for its students.

Teaching Assistantships

Most of the students in in the M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs are funded via academic-year teaching assistantships, who are assigned to lead laboratory sessions that coincide with our lecture courses. Teaching assistants generally work approximately 20 hours of work per week and are paid a stipend.  Current stipend amounts can be found here (see 50% appointment column). In addition to their stipends, teaching assistants receive full remission of tuition as well as benefits such as health insurance. Please note that due to state budgets the amount of teaching assistants the department is able to hire each year is limited and the process for determining which students receive offers for funding can be competitive.

Research and Project Assistantships

Many of our faculty members have been very successful at applying for extramural funds and have received grants from regional, national, and international sponsors. These research projects usually require a team-like approach, and faculty will hire graduate students as research and project assistants to work in their lab, accompany them in the field, and assist with analyzing and publishing their findings. Like teaching assistants, in addition to their stipends, research and project assistants receive full remission of tuition as well as benefits such as health insurance. Opportunities for these types of appointments are limited and this serves as a good example of the importance of contacting members of our faculty early in your application process to discuss research interests. Working on an already-funded research project can be an exceptional advantage when determining your own thesis topic.