Five UWM Graduate Students receive Student Research Grants from the Geological Society of America (GSA) and the Society of Sedimentary Geologists (SEPM)

GSA and SEPM recently announced the recipients of their student research grant competitions. Awardees of this national/international competition included five UWM Geoscience graduate students.


David Cordie, a first year Ph.D. student, received a student research grant from GSA for his proposal “Microbial-Archaeocyathan Reef Evolution and Extinction in the Early Cambrian.” David, who is advised by Dr. Stephen Dornbos, will conduct fieldwork this summer on this grant in the White-Inyo Mountains of eastern California and in western Mongolia.

Kate Pauls-3

Kate Pauls also received a GSA grant for her proposal “Paleoclimatology of the Paganzo Basin in Western Argentina.” Early this summer, she will travel to Argentina to conduct field work on this grant. Later in the summer, she will conduct additional field work in Brazil on other aspects of her Ph.D. research. She is advised by Dr. John Isbell.

Nick Fedorchuk-2

Nick Fedorchuk received grants from both GSA and SEPM. His proposals were titled “Resolving the late Paleozoic ice-volume paradox in the southernmost Parana Basin, Brazil.” Nick will conduct field work in Brazil this summer for his Ph.D. research and travel to the University of California-Davis to analyze samples for detrital zircon provenance. Nick is advised by Dr. Isbell.

James Amato

James Amato received a SEPM grant for a proposal titled “Using AMS to help differentiate between glacial and mass transport deposits of the late Paleozoic Ice Age. He is working on Pleistocene exposures in Wisconsin and Carboniferous deposits in Brazil for his M.S. research. James is advised by Dr. Julie Bowles and Dr. Isbell.

Jenny Ulbricht received an SEPM award for her proposal on “Paleoenvironmental analysis of Mesoproterozoic microbial mats of the Copper Harbor Conglomerate: conditions that favored the development of Microbial colonization of Non-marine ecosystems.” Jenny is working on exposure along the southern shore of Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan for her M.S. research. She is advised by Dr. Isbell.