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Spring 2012 Colloquia

Tuesday February 7th

Dr. Ahmed Ismail
Geophysicist applicant
Title: Application of Geophysics to Geologic Mapping and Hydrogeological, Archaeological, and Engineering Investigations

Thursday February 9th

Dr. Daniel King
Geophysicist applicant
Title: What controls the depth extent of earthquakes? Constraints imposed by laboratory experiments

Thursday February 14th

Dr. Julie Bowles
Geophysicist applicant
Title: Paleomagnetic applications to volcanology: From mid-ocean ridges to homemade magma

Thursday March 1st

Seth Kruckenberg, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
Title: Relationships between composition, deformation, and melt flow in the upper mantle lithosphere: examples from the Dun Mountain Ophiolite Belt (New Zealand) and the Twin Sisters Ultramafic Complex (Washington State)

Thursday March 8th

Eric Carson
Wisconsin Geological and Natural Survey, UW-Madison
Title: Constraining the Glacial and Early Post-Glacial Chronology of the Southern Laurentide Ice Sheet: New Applications of Ice-marginal Lake Sediments

Thursday April 12th

Ozlem Acar
Postdoctoral Research Associate, UW-Milwaukee
Title: A stochastic model for estimating groundwater and contaminant discharges from fractured rock passive flux meter measurements

Thursday April 19th

Dr. Mark Person
Professor of Hydrology, NM Tech, Hydrology Program
Title: Geologic isolation of nuclear waste at high latitudes: the role of ice sheets

Thursday April 26th

Tao Cheng
Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Title: Colloid-Facilitated Transport of Cesium-137 in Partially Saturated Media: the Influence of Natural Organic Matter

Thursday May 3rd

Dr. Frank A Corsetti
Associate Professor, University of Southern California, Earth Sciences
Title: Stromatolite myths and legends (an iconoclastic perspective)