11/13/16 53km NNE of Amberley, New Zealand 7.8

161113110256 161113110256_inset

Earthquake Details Seismogram Explanation
Location: 53 NNE of Amberley, New Zealand P-diff wave arrival time not verified.
Date: November 13, 2016 S-diff wave arrival time not verified
Time: 11:02:56 UTC; 5:02:56 am CST The vertical axis is in units of displacement in centimeters.
Latitude: 42.76 S The horizontal axis is in units of time in seconds.
Longitude: 173.08 E The beginning of the file is the origin of the event.
Magnitudes: 7.8 Mw  This earthquake produced a 300km long turbidity current that traveled along the Hikurangi Trough.
Depth: 23 km
Distance: 123.22 deg (~8,508 miles from Milwaukee)