18km SE of Kodari, Nepal 7.3 Mw

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Earthquake Details Seismogram Explanation
Location: 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal
Date: May 12, 2015
Time: 07:05:19 UTC; 2:05:19 am CDT
Latitude: 27.84 N
Longitude: 86.08 E
Magnitudes: 7.3 Mw
Depth: 15 km
Distance: 108.87 deg (7,517 miles from Milwaukee)
P-wave arrival time: Not Verified.
S-wave arrival time: Not Verified.
The vertical axis is in units of displacement in centimeters.
The horizontal axis is in units of time in seconds.
TheMajor damage and loss of life occur as a result of this earthquake.
This was an aftershock from the 4/25 7.8 event.