Amir Forati

 Bolton Hall 435

Research Interests

  • User Generated Data Quality Assessment
  • VGI
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Social Media/Network Analysis
  • Geo AI
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Geography
  • Program/Advisor: PhD/Ghose

    Representative Publications

    • Forati, A. M., & Ghose, R. (2021). Geospatial analysis of misinformation in COVID-19 related tweets. Applied Geography, 133, 102473.
    • Forati, A. M., Ghose, R., & Mantsch, J. R. (2021). Examining Opioid Overdose Deaths across Communities Defined by Racial Composition: a Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression Approach. Journal of Urban Health, 1-12.
    • Forati, A. M., & Karimipour, F. (2016). A VGI quality assessment method for VGI based on trustworthiness. GI_Forum 2016, 4, 3-11.
    • Forati, A., Soleimani, S., Karimipour, F., & Malek, M. R. (2015). Including Users’ Semantics in Evaluating the Credibility of Crowdsourced Landscape Descriptions. ISPRS-International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, 35-38.