Important COVID-19 Information for UWM at Waukesha and UWM at Washington County Students

Campuses are closed until further notice

Effective today, March 20, 2020, and until further notice the Waukesha and Washington County branch campuses will be closed to the public. This is a necessary measure to reduce the exposure to and spread of COVID-19.

These are unprecedented times and we are working hard to help you transition to this new reality. With the closure, please see the below update regarding library and tutoring services. In addition, UWM has swiftly initiated a new emergency grant due to the financial strain placed on many individuals and families as a result of COVID-19. You can also find an update on the drop deadline for semester-long classes (including UWCCO courses online) and some additional resources to assist with your transition back to classes on March 30.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising services will be available to students over the phone and are adding availability via Teams. You can email Washington County advising at and Waukesha advising at

Access to Computers and the Internet

Access to Computers and the Internet: The Libraries on both CGS campuses will remain open normal hours. See for details. In addition, each library has a small number of laptops available for checkout if students need to take a computer home. For students who do not already have internet access at home, please refer to this FAQ answer.


Library Services will continue to be available for CGS students.

Research Materials 

Research Help:  

Due Dates:  

  • All materials currently checked out to students have been renewed to mid-May. Students will be notified via email if/when due dates are automatically extended. Contact us using the emails above if you receive overdue notices for any library materials.  

Classroom Software:  

  • The campus will be making available laptops for students who need specialized course software  (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD). Additional information will be available next week.  

Alternative Testing: 

  • The Accessibility Resource Center will be contacting students with accommodations the week of March 23rd with more details about how testing will be conducted for the remainder of the semester.    

Computer access: 

  • Computer labs on campus are currently closed but select laptops (without wifi) are available for checkout. Waukesha students should contact Bill Herrick ( and Washington County students should contact Chad Kraus ( Additional information on this will be available next week.  

Keeping up to date: 

  • The UWM Libraries will provide updates related to the coronavirus on our websiteFollow us on social media to keep up with what libraries are doing and how we can help you.

Career Services

Career Services will be available over the phone and we are adding availability via Teams.

Students can email to ask questions regarding resumes, cover letters, internships, jobs, etc.  In addition, students have access to online career services resources through the UWM at Waukesha career resources website.

  • Job and internship searching – Handshake, MilwaukeeJobs, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.
  • Career exploration – MyPlan, ONET, CareerOneStop, etc. Includes videos to learn about careers
  • Interviewing, resumes and cover letters – UWM Career Planning and Resource Center’s online resources, BigInterview

Instructor Office Hours

All instructors are expected to hold office hours in some format. This could be done on Teams, in Canvas, by phone, etc.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling services will be available to students over the phone or on Teams at each campus.  Email Counseling Services at your respective campus at or to schedule an appointment.


Tutoring will continue to be available for CGS students.

  • Washington:
    • Writing: Students can e-mail drafts of their essays to at least two days before the paper is due to receive feedback on their essays.
    • Math: remote math tutoring is available. Students should e-mail Matt Madsen at for information.
  • Waukesha:

Emergency Grant

Information regarding a new emergency grant along with the emergency grant available only to branch campus students (at the bottom of the link) is available here.

Solution Centers

Solution Centers and Student Affairs will be closed in person. If you have a general question you can email your respective Solution Center at or

UW College Courses Online (aka UWCCO)

CGS students taking online classes through UWCCO (your online course will have “CGS” before the department prefix in your class schedule) do not have a scheduled spring break.  Classes will continue through the spring break for UWCCO classes. You should not expect much change, if at all, if you are enrolled in an online class(es). 

Date Changes and Additional Resources

Moving Classes Online—General Info 

CGS instructors are expected to move all of their classes into an online format if at all possible.  UWM will be requiring classes to be online for the rest of the spring semester.

In the rare cases where a class simply cannot be moved online due to its fundamental nature, your instructor will be in contact with you. Classes will start back up on March 30.

The semester will not be extended by a week, so you will be losing a week of class time.  Instructors have been advised to focus on predetermined course outcomes for the remainder of the semester.

Information about the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and FAQ’s

At the university level, a number of important sites are available for information pertaining to the virus. The main site is The site contains the latest developments in the University’s preventative efforts, responses to the numerous questions coming in for all three campuses (on the FAQ pages), information on symptoms to watch for and best health practices, University policies and restrictions on travel, and hygienic and cleaning tips. You can follow University updates at

Support each other and take care of yourself!

Please be supportive of and patient with your instructors and your classmates. This is an abrupt change that is justifiably causing much anxiety.

Stay connected with our Student Development/Life Team.  We will continue to post on social media and send emails with updates, along with online contests and other ways you can still connect with your classmates and campus friends.

Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance or with questions.  Things are changing quickly and we will inform you of any updates to this as information becomes available.