Wondering what you can do with your degree in freshwater sciences? Water is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy, and employers are looking for people with the skills and experience you’ll develop here. Whatever aspect of water interests you most, you will be ready to join this exciting field. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

As you build your freshwater knowledge, we’ll provide you with personalized career advising that will help plan your career path. We’ll also help you build lasting relationships with water professionals through collaboration with top scientists, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, industry partners and our External Advisory Board.

What Can You Do With a Freshwater Science Degree?

  • Work with a local water utility to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Monitor waterways and beaches for contaminants.
  • Create safer and more efficient water infrastructure.
  • Manage invasive species to protect entire ecosystems.
  • Advocate for better water policies.
  • Restore and conserve habitats.
  • Educate the community about water issues.
  • Go to graduate school to specialize in a research field or environmental law.

Employment and Internship Opportunities

Use UWM’s Handshake platform to search and apply for on-campus and off-campus jobs and internships; create job alerts that notify you of positions matching your preferences; learn about virtual career fairs and career-related events; and showcase your accomplishments in your profile to attract employers.

Why wait for graduation to find a job working in water? We offer a number of resources to help you find employment opportunities during your time at SFS and after graduation, including a weekly email listing of water-related job boards.

Professional Science Master’s Internships

An internship is required for students in the Professional Science Master’s program. Our graduate program manager, Aaron Thiel, meets one on one with students to discuss internship opportunities and career paths.

UWM Career Center

UWM’s Career Planning and Resource Center offers career/major exploration, career planning, finding on-campus and off-campus jobs and internships, resumes, interviews and more. Stop in for quick questions or drop-in career advising, or schedule an appointment.

Job Placement

Graduates of our master’s and PhD programs have high job placement rates of more than 90%. Our extensive network in the water industry will provide undergraduates with many opportunities to connect with future employers before graduation. Check out where our alumni are working.