Professional Core Courses

MS Professional Science Track
Approved Professional Core Courses
(Fall 2017 and prior curriculum)

Institution Course Course Title Typically Offered
UWM Frshwtr 461/
MSP 760
Politics and Policy of Sustainability Fall/Spring
UWM Frshwtr 810 Professional Development for Water Leaders Fall
UWM Frshwtr 630 Leadership in Science: Tackling Wicked Problems (formerly Frshwter 650) Spring
UWM Frshwtr 781 Water Law for Scientists & Policy Leaders Fall
UWM CES 515 Environmental Law for Natural Resource Managers
(formerly CES 499/GEOG 999)
UWM English 443 Grant Writing Fall
UWM English 427 Writing for Nonprofits Fall
UWM Bus Mgmt 706 Managing in Dynamic Environment Fall/Spring/Summer
UWM Bus Mgmt 713 Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation & Management Fall
UWM Bus Mgmt 715 Leadership, Team Building, & Effective Management Spring/Summer
UWM Bus Mgmt 718 Concepts and Practice of Nonprofit Management Fall
UWM Bus Mgmt 723 Managing and Negotiating Across Cultures Spring
UWM English 890 Science, Communications, & Public Engagement Spring
UWM Philos 337 Environmental Ethics Fall
UWM Pub Adm 630 Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector Fall
UWM Pub Adm 730 Budgeting for Public Sector Professionals Spring
UWM Pub Adm 792 Decisionmaking for Nonprofit and Public Organizations Spring
UWM Urb Plan 791 Intro to Urban GIS for Planning Fall
UWM Frshwtr 650 TOPIC: Business Principles for Freshwater Professionals* Spring 2015
UWM Frshwtr 650 TOPIC: Coupling Science and Business Ingenuity* Fall 2011
UWM Frshwtr 650 TOPIC: Creative Communication for Scientists* Spring 2013
UWM Frshwtr 650 TOPIC: Water and Environmental Justice Spring 2018
Marquette CEEN 5350 Law for Engineers Spring 2016
Marquette LEDR 6005 Self-Leadership Fall 2015
Marquette Comm 5330 Health, Science, and Environmental Communication* Spring 2013
* no longer taught