PESC Workshop

slidesSlides That Shine
December 7, 2016 | 12-1 | SFS 1099

Workshop: Death by PowerPoint stalks us all… in class, at conferences, and even during job talks. Learn tips and tricks for how to design and deliver effective PowerPoint or Keynote presentations that support your talk while keeping the audience engaged, awake, and alive.

Facilitator: Scott Graham is the director of Public Engagement and Science Communication (PESC) at the School of Freshwater Sciences and an associate professor of scientific and technical communication at UWM.

PESC Workshop Registration

PESC Workshop Registration
Prior Workshops
talkerTEDify Your Talks
November 3, 2016 | 12-1 | SFS 3093

Workshop: Take your public speaking to the next level with a crash course in audience engagement strategies. We’ll cover everything from adjusting the science to your audience’s level of education to what to do with your hands.

Facilitator: Bill Keith, PhD is a nationally-recognized expert in public speaking and science communication. He’s also a PESC affiliate researcher and a professor of rhetoric at UWM.