The Maggi Sue will be the nation’s most technologically advanced freshwater research vessel – and the flagship of Milwaukee’s status as a Freshwater Hub.

Floating Classroom | Flagship of Research | Platform for Water Technology

It will be integral to building teacher and student passion for our unique freshwater resource. It will extend the platform for cutting-edge research that is changing Freshwater science on a national scale.

This vessel, with adaptability to hold varied research equipment, ability to stay at sea for extended periods, and capacity to hold a full classroom of students, is the missing piece in making Milwaukee the center of Freshwater research and technology in the world.
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Imagine the possibilities…
Deployed from Milwaukee, the vessel extends the reach of our scientists and students, granting them access to any point across the Great Lakes. Onboard technology opens new avenues of research, increasing our ability to manage this vital resource supporting prosperity and quality of life for 40 million people. The vessel will attract the best and brightest, inspire the next generation, and fuel new knowledge and tools for the management of water resources.
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Technical Specs

  • Weight: 200 tons Length: 120 feet Capacity: 24 Sleeps: 18
  • Floating classroom & laboratory
  • Can detect pathogens & contaminants


  • Houses a floating classroom for UWM and K-12 students
  • Recruitment incentive for attracting top talent to Milwaukee and the Great Lakes
  • A flagship for Milwaukee and the Great Lakes


  • Capable of detecting pathogens and potentially hazardous contaminants
  • Supports research leading to healthier water for the public
  • Year-round operation to assist regional emergency responders


  • State-of-the-art technology for advanced research
  • Strong public outreach that increases awareness of Great Lakes issues