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Plastic Free MKE Stakeholder Meeting

September 30, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Milwaukee Riverkeeper, in partnership with the City of Milwaukee and with support from Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District invite key stakeholders and partners to a meeting to more directly align and formally join this community-wide coalition.

Only a little over a year ago, a very successful plastic-free movement began in Milwaukee as a grassroots, volunteer-based effort by some determined and passionate individuals who wanted to create a sea-change around plastic use. Much progress has been made and Plastic-Free MKE is to a point where additional resources and more structure is needed to maintain and grow the success of this movement. In addition, there are many other organizations and groups who are working on plastic-free programming. After running the Annual Spring Cleanup for 25 years and through our Adopt-a-River Program, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, knows first-hand that plastic waste is a never-ending, always-increasing stream of pollution impacting our waterways, and change is needed.

In partnership with the City of Milwaukee and with support from Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, we want to elevate and coordinate all these efforts into a larger coalition. We want to join all efforts around plastic-free living so that it becomes part of the Milwaukee culture, it is easy for the public to get involved, we share resources, we don’t reinvent the wheel and messaging is consistent and unified. We know that working together we will be more impactful.

At this stakeholder meeting, we will talk about Plastic-Free MKE, what we’ve achieved and what is coming up. We will highlight our new website, introduce you to a volunteer coordinator, ask for your input and opinion, learn about your capacity and interest, and work with you to align on a vision, ending the morning with an agreed path forward and specific action items. The priorities and initiatives of Plastic-Free MKE are not changing. The Coalition will continue to help individuals and companies go plastic-free, provide resources for organizations and groups to engage in effective “plastic-free” programming, work to create policies that support plastic-free efforts and unite around campaigns to make an impact.


September 30, 2019
8:00 am - 11:00 am


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