Water Field Adventure

One-Week WATER Field Adventure – Marine Mussel Exploration

Freshwater Ecosystem & Investigative Reporting for 5th-8th Graders

AUGUST 6-10, 2018 from 8:00am-4:00pm

During the last 20 years the Great Lakes Basin and the surrounding freshwater areas have been inundated by two non-native dreissenid mussels, the zebra mussel and the quagga mussel. Millions of these mussels have crowded out native species, cleared the water column and posed a danger to the water system. We’ll collect and analyze water quality data in the Milwaukee River, the river basin, an inland lake, and in Lake Michigan in an effort to locate the dreaded invaders and identify the abiotic and biotic factors that support them. This field based adventure will have students outside each day to collect data using a variety of scientific instruments, wading in rivers, snorkeling in a quarry, and boarding the R/V Neeskay (the School of Freshwater Sciences’ research vessel) to travel on Lake Michigan.  Students should be comfortable in and around water and prepared to be outdoors for the majority of our time.

Fee: $379

To Register: Contact Liz at emsutton@uwm.edu or 414-382-1718