Scientists Look at the Guts of Cities

Often extensive but unseen, sewer systems collect and transport wastewater in cities. In doing so, they prevent the rapid spread of diseases. Studying the microorganisms living among the vast network of pipes beneath a city can tell us a great… Read more

Preserving Permafrost Ecosystems

Permafrost affects only 10 percent of the Earth’s surface—mainly in the far north. However, changes in these distant regions should concern us all. Rapid warming is causing cascading changes in permafrost regions that are threatening biodiversity, the stability of global… Read more

Nature Nanomaterials Publishes Study from Klaper Lab

The laboratory of Rebecca Klaper just had a study published in the journal Nature Nanomaterials! Read the paper: Engineered nanomaterials — particles that are 100 nm in one dimension and are made of various chemicals — are being incorporated into everything… Read more

Mapping a Wild, Underwater World

As a graduate student he mapped Milwaukee Harbor’s underwater habitat. Now he’s using the knowledge and skills he gained at the School of Freshwater Sciences to devise a plan that will clean up the city’s waterways. Dotted with industry, Milwaukee’s… Read more