Your career in freshwater sciences starts here.


At the School of Freshwater Sciences, we all have our water stories. We want to hear yours.

Did you spend your childhood summers swimming and fishing? Did you grow up worrying your drinking water wasn’t safe? Do you want to protect the world’s most valuable resource for future generations? Are you simply interested in topics like marine biology, aquatic ecosystems and environmental science?

With a bachelor’s degree in freshwater sciences, you can turn your water story into a thriving career. You will build scientific knowledge to prepare yourself for a job in research, industry, advocacy or government, or to continue your education through a graduate program. Here are just a few of the areas where our graduates succeed:

  • environmental consulting
  • aquatic biology
  • public health
  • habitat restoration and conservation
  • field and laboratory research
  • resource management
  • water policy and advocacy
  • water treatment and technology
  • science communication and education
  • community outreach

Choose a focus for your undergraduate studies: aquatic sciences or water policy. Both tracks combine core classes in natural sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science with topic-specific electives in areas such as sustainability and environmental law. You’ll also have access to undergraduate research experiences, including opportunities with the School of Freshwater Sciences faculty at the Great Lake Research Facility.

Dive in and discover your path to making a difference. Attending an info session is your next step. Sign up today.


Curriculum Requirements
Sample Four-Year Plans