Water Research Impact

Improving health, wealth, and quality of life through freshwater research.

Tiny changes, big impact

As nanoparticles grow ever more common, Rebecca Klaper plays a key role in exploring ways to keep them from harming our freshwater ecosystems

Mapping a Wild, Underwater World

As a graduate student he mapped Milwaukee Harbor’s underwater habitat. Now he’s using the knowledge and skills he gained at the School of Freshwater Sciences to devise a plan that will clean up the city’s waterways.

Perched on an Aquaculture Breakthrough

They are helping revive the numbers of sturgeon and perch, both of which were once plentiful in the Great Lakes.

The Mystery of Beach Bum Bacteria

This grad student is pursuing research that could help people spend more time at the beaches she loves.

A Map to Recovery

A collaborative UWM project may revive the fish and environment of Milwaukee’s inner harbor.

When Lake Michigan Burps

That’s his colorful description of the annual, weeklong discharge of carbon dioxide from Lake Michigan to the atmosphere.

Diving Into Policy

These young women are UWM’s latest winners of the prestigious Knauss Fellowships. Now they will put their education to work in the federal government.

Age of Water

He’s uncovered a way to use nuclear fallout to tell us the age of water. Could this new technique make our drinking water safer?

Aqua Detectives

There’s something strange going on in Lake Michigan, but these researcher detectives may have linked unusually cold water to climate change.

Sustainable Nano

Nanoparticles are included in products from sunscreen to sporting goods. What happens when they get into the environment?

Citizen Science & Water Quality

How do every day human activities affect rivers? This chemical sampling project involving citizen scientists will use Thanksgiving to find out.

Microbiologist Leads Lake Michigan’s Cleanup Crew

Her work in source-specific bacterial source tracking is reshaping the city’s relationship with water and making Milwaukee beaches popular again.

Reviving Green Bay’s Dead Zones

These scientists from UWM and UW-Green Bay are working with local officials to restore water quality in this vital Lake Michigan asset.

Freshwater Grad Turns Love of Wisconsin Outdoors into Career

This freshwater grad took a job monitoring and assessing water quality. Now he hopes to help future generations who share in his passion for water.