French BA/Translation & Interpreting Studies MA

What is the French BA/Translation and Interpreting Studies MA?

This unique accelerated degree allows students to complete both a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Masters of Translation and Interpreting Studies in 5 years instead of 6. It combines the study of French language and culture with a professional Master’s degree focusing on French to English translation.

This program is ideal for students with high intermediate and advanced French language skills, and builds fluency and cross-cultural communication skills in French and Francophone language, literature, and cultures. It prepares students for employment or doctoral studies in the growing field of French to English translation and interpreting.

Career Opportunities

Students gain fluency in French, a thorough understanding of French-speaking cultures, and critical knowledge of the methods and techniques used in the translation profession, so they graduate well-prepared for the language services industry. This training also opens up career paths in international business, government foreign service, teaching, the travel industry, technology & information management or research.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts a much faster-than-average growth for jobs in translation and interpreting.

Declaring a Major in the Accelerated Program Early

Students wishing to declare a French major as part of the accelerated program may do so in one of the two ways outlined below. Meeting with your French advisor and your Letters & Science advisor very early in your college career is essential to completing the accelerated program in five years. Ideally, students should plan their schedule with an advisor during freshman year. Students who wait too late are likely to find that they have not chosen the correct courses to complete in five years.