Professor Keith Busby to Speak at UWM on Medieval French in Ireland

Keith Busby, The University of Wisconsin-Madison “The Norman Conquest of Ireland: Linguistic and Cultural Implications”

In this talk, Keith Busby examines the use of French both before and after the arrival of the first colonists in 1169. He sheds new light on the corpus of medieval French texts composed in Ireland, including an important new discovery concerning the work of Jofroi de Waterford. After considering the persistent image of Ireland as a land of marvels in French literature composed outside of Ire-land, he returns to the question of multilingualism and concludes by looking at the use of French as a memorial language on medieval gravestones in southeastern Ire-land. The talk is richly illustrated.

November 16th, 6:00-7:30pm

The Hefter Conference Center

3271 N Lake Drive

Free and Open to the Public