“La cigarette” (The Cigarette) with “Emak Bakia” (Leave Me Alone)

Tuesday February 18  7pm

“La cigarette” (The Cigarette) 

Germaine Dulac, DVD, 51 min, France, 1919 (Silent)


In this earliest extant film by Dulac, an older husband suspects that his liberated young wife is having an affair, a plot that reflects the post-World War I crisis of masculinity in France.




“Emak-Bakia” (Leave Me Alone)

Man Ray, 16mm, 19 min, France, 1926 (Silent)


Man Ray’s “cinepoem” melds elements of dada and surrealism, incorporating rayographs, double exposure, and soft focus, techniques he used in his still photography.


With live piano accompaniment by Renato Umali


In memory of Nicole Darmon Chandler


 Neither La cigarette or Emak Bakia have trailers or available clips.