Political Science

L.A.W.: Lawyering, Arguing, Witnessing

Bradley Bloch, Lecturer

This course has reached capacity for the Fall 2018 semester and is full.

Course: Pol Sci 193, Section 001
Class Number: 20796
Credits: 3 credits/SS
Time: MR 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
Place: Bolton 281

*Each Seminar session can be optionally followed, ten minutes later, by UWM Mock Trial Squad prep located in the same classroom. Some mockers choose to obtain credit with enrollment in L & S Social Sciences 268 or 468 (course numbers 20987 and 20988).

Course Description

The American Mock Trial Association will crown its 35th National Champion in 2019 and serves 5,500 undergrads annually at nearing 400 institutions nationwide. UWM has fielded teams since 1986 (in all but three seasons) led by a champion of education in the competitive forum. This Seminar is “college mock for newcomers” using time-tested exercise series that transform any freshman into a trial courtroom advocate in a relaxed “learn together” atmosphere. Offered for a decade, the Seminar has gained a “learned with” style where each student’s needs are addressed by coaches, a mentor, teammates, the veteran UWM mockers and alumni.

The “you can, indeed, do this” answer shows as current Seminarians often fill half the Squad’s slots, 90% have a Seminarian background, mockers build “credentials” competing and are admitted finishing high in law schools. The program has 30+ years of demonstrable, practicing product – all once just the typical UWM frosh.

Work Involved

Using the current AMTA Case and rules, the last three weeks are dedicated to the Seminar Trials which follow a time-tested exercise progression where mistakes are made. Mistakes are great! The individual’s strengths are used to hone toward the individualized true potential bolstered by “the family” all of whom “have been there.” In a decade of Seminars, final grades have shown to be most influenced by consistent attendance; the seasoned Coach has been heard: “I cannot coach empty chairs!”

About the Instructor

By day, Brad Bloch will have practiced trial law for 40 years come September, 2019. He explains: “Since jury trial is constitutional right, some, like me, must speak for the unattractive, hopeless. Mock Trial is my counter-balance; my mission for each mocker is to re-define and reach the true potential.”

“The Guru of Mock Trial,” Brad has coached “argument” annually since 1970 turning to UWM Mock in 1987. He served on the AMTA Board for 23 years and was National Tournament Director for 12 years through 2004. Since introduction of regional qualification in 1991, Brad is easily AMTA’s most traveled representative. Accolades include the NFL National Coach of the Year (1975) and AMTA’s prestigious Congressman Smith (1995), Chief Justice Reynoldson (2002) and Service Clock (1996) Awards.

This program’s alumni: public officials including judges and Wisconsin’s Attorney General, practitioners nationwide, teachers, preachers and entrepreneurs.