Scandinavian Studies

Trolls, Gnomes & Goblins: Scandinavian Myth & Legend

Veronica Lundback, Senior Lecturer

Course: SCNDVST 192, Section 001
Class Number: 21147
Credits: 3/HU
Time: MW 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Place: NWQ G596

Course Description

Do you want to learn about trolls and gnomes – ghosts and witches? Folktales that have been passed down from generation to generation? What do stories about mermaids, wicked elves, and lost treasures have to do with culture? During the course of the semester we will explore the richness and variety of Scandinavian myths and legends, and the creatures that inhabit them. We will analyze and make sense of the world and experiences they portray, and the society and culture they shape and reflect. You will also get acquainted with the theoretical background of folklore studies, specifically in connection to folk narrative and cultural identity.

Work Involved

Active participation in class activities and discussions – 30%
Weekly one page reflective journals (on readings, discussions and self) – 30%
Research paper (draft (10%) final version (10 %)) – 20%
Final Project storytelling and culture (group) – 10%
Project presentation – 10%

About the Instructor

Veronica Lundback coordinates the Scandinavian Studies Certificate Program here at UWM. She was born and raised in Northern Sweden, but has since lived here and there, both in Sweden and abroad. She first came to UWM as a Grad Student in 2001, but moved back to Sweden after receiving her degree in Linguistics. Veronica returned to UWM in 2007 to teach Swedish Language courses, seminars in Scandinavian Society and Culture, and German. Her academic interests range from language and language learning to mythology, fairytales, literature and film – the common denominator being how social and cultural identity shape and are shaped by what we observe, say, read and watch. She is completely addicted to coffee and has a possibly unhealthy interest in reading stories about vampires and other things that ‘go bump in the night’.