First Year Seminars are discussion-oriented classes designed specifically for students beginning their college career. With class sizes limited to 20 to 25 students, this small environment is ideal for students to interact and get to know one another. Unique topics are taught by faculty members and supported by student mentors, both of whom are committed to helping first year students transition into more demanding academic life.

First Year Seminars are one of several types of Learning Communities offered at UWM to help make the first year experience a success.

First year seminar class

Why choose a First Year Seminar?

  Small class sizes

Meet 20-25 other first year students
Participate in an interactive learning environment

  Unique topics

Explore a topic of interest that may lead to a major
Encounter diversity of thinking and ideas

  Faculty connection

Learn tools and techniques for academic success
Engage with an expert in a potential field of study

  Support from student mentors

Get advice on campus activities
Develop a connection to the larger university experience