Fall Workshops


Understanding Bird Populations and How They Change

Synchronous online sessions, October 11 – November 1 (Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm each week).

Instructor: William Mueller is the Director Emeritus of the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory.  He is currently serving on the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative’s Steering Committee and is the co-chair of the Issues Committee.  He has had many other leadership roles in bird conservation projects, including serving as Conservation Chair of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (2002 – 2012), as co-chair of the Midwest Aerial Insectivore Working Group, and as Project Coordinator for the Milwaukee BIOME Project.

The Course:  In less than a single human lifetime, 2.9 billion breeding adult birds have been lost from the United States and Canada, across every ecosystem, and including some of the most abundant and familiar bird species.  In this course we will examine how we determine the abundance and distribution of different bird species, for both bird populations in Wisconsin and at the national level.  State and federal monitoring programs will also be discussed.  We will also consider how bird populations have changed, what species are currently “at-risk” and why, and how monitoring programs can be used in management and conservation.  We will also review the many organizations that work on studying bird populations.  There will be a brief test (optional) during the final class period.

Course fee: $60. Not available for college credit, 0.6 CEU

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