For Researchers

All researchers intending to work at the Field Station must download and submit the “Request for Permission to Carry Out a Research Project” form (Word , PDF ) via email to

Please allow up to 4 weeks for review.

  • All users of the Field Station are required to submit an annual abstract summarizing their use and activities. These are used to compile and publish the Field Station Annual Report.
  • Any substantial changes to project protocols or scope must be approved by the Field Station Committee.
  • All equipment, installations, and markers placed in the field must be removed by the investigator at the end of the project unless the Field Station Committee specifically requests that permanent markers remain to record the location of a study that may be useful in the future.
  • For any research that involves use of vertebrates, the Field Station requires a copy of an approved Vertebrate Animal Care and Use Protocol for our files.
  • The Field Station labs and our fume-hood facility are not intended for permanent storage of chemicals. If you bring chemicals to the Field Station for your project, you must provide us with a complete list of the chemicals that will be stored and used at the Station for the duration of your project, and you must remove all chemicals from the Field Station facilities when your project ends.
  • Research projects that involve the use of biologically hazardous materials, including biological agents, biological toxins, or pathogens, will require a Biosafety protocol.  See for more information.