Life on the Pond

Greetings, BugFans,

No words today, but an amazing set of videos. A woman named Linda contacted the BugLady in the summer of 2016 about her Missouri Master Naturalist project, which involved recording life on the surface of a (primordial ooze-ish) pond near her home. She set up her video camera on a rock overlooking the pond and recorded dramas, large and small, in that cradle of life. Check the playlist of thirty-seven videos along the right side.

Linda uses a quote from the great 19th century naturalist Louis Agassiz (not the tennis player) under her signature line: “I spent the summer traveling; I got halfway across my back yard.” Good on you, Linda.

Enjoy—think Sunny days and Warm waters.

No—there’s no such thing as too many dragonflies.

The BugLady


Here is an example of one of the videos …