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Bugs in the News VII

buck moth photo

Greetings, BugFans,

There’s a wild and wonderful world of bugs out there. Here are some interesting reports from around the globe.

Some people hire an exterminator to get rid of bugs, and some purchase them illegally. ambush bug photo

If ambush bugs depend on camouflage to help them procure a meal, then this guy is in trouble.

Global (and fungal) weirdness in the Himalayas.

A ladybug swarm that showed up on radar because: a) there were a whole lot of them; and b) they were flying a mile above the earth! (Who knew?), plus a new collective noun.lady bug photo

Also in the “Who knew?” department, the story of marine organisms hitching a ride – probably the way things have been getting done from the start.

Alabama may have missed out on Hurricane Dorian, but it has other things to recommend it. yellow jacket photo

Halloween is just around the corner!. What could be more in the spirit of the season than a zombie ant fungusant on leaf photo

The BugLady looked at the month-ahead forecast, and it’s all downhill from here. She’s doing her best to scare it away by getting out her fuzzy socks and flannel sheetsIn anticipation of the Polar Vortex. Here’s how a small fly handles extreme cold. small fly photo

And finally, for those of us who just like to look at the pictures, a collection of images made by a Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM).

The BugLady