UWM’s Preferred Tenant Program

What is the Preferred Tenant Program?

The Preferred Tenant Program, or PTP, is a seminar by the Neighborhood Housing Office held twice each year, usually in the spring semester. Guest speakers (including the UW-Milwaukee Police Department, Dean of Students, University Legal Clinic, and the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services) present information regarding resources as well as rights and responsibilities of renters. In addition to several presentations and activities, PTP includes a free meal, prizes, and a certificate that qualifies you for renting discounts with our participating landlords.

What is a preferred tenant?

A preferred tenant is someone who understands how to be a responsible renter. Any UW-Milwaukee student may attend PTP; but PTP is especially beneficial to first-time renters. The seminar highlights information–both general information and information that is specific to Milwaukee–that many new renters might be unaware of.

Why are landlords interested in this program?

Some landlords that use the Neighborhood Housing Office’s listing application choose to participate in the program because it benefits them in the sense that renting to preferred tenants means they’re renting to people who know what they’re responsible for. If you are a landlord and you’re interested in participating, you can call or e-mail us for more information!

How do I receive $250 off my security deposit or 2% off monthly rent?

In order to qualify for PTP’s renting discounts, you need to first attend the event! You only need to attend it once; at the end of the program, you will receive a certificate with your name on it. Then, you can use the Neighborhood Housing Office’s listing application to search apartments and filter your results to only show apartments owned by landlords that participate in PTP. When you find an apartment you’re interested in owned by a PTP landlord, present them your certificate upon showing and signing the lease!

How do I sign up for the Preferred Tenant Program?

You can either sign up in the Neighborhood Housing Office (Union Room WG85) or click here to sign up online. Note that you do not have to sign up to attend, but signing up allows you to receive a reminder and it allows us to better accommodate audience needs.