UWinteriM 2018 Schedule Is Now Live

UWinteriM 2018 Schedule Is Now Live

The UWinteriM 2018 schedule of classes (SOC) is now live on PAWS and online.

For additional dates and deadlines associated with UWinteriM 2018, please see the Registrar’s Office calendar, and Add/Drop Calendar.

Additionally, the eCampus website for course book adoptions is now available.

Please note a couple search functions on the online Schedule of Classes:

  1. Quick search links are in the left-hand column of the online SOC for the General Education Requirement (GER) “Part B” competencies, Oral & Written Communication (OWCB) and Quantitative Literacy (QLB). The quick searches will display scheduled class sections that satisfy those respective competencies.
  2. In the Advanced Search section of the online SOC (link in the header), advanced search options are available for the GER Part B competencies referenced above. In addition, there are search options for Course Level—Remedial = classes below the 1XX level, Undergraduate-Basic = classes at the 1XX and 2XX levels, Undergraduate-Advanced = classes at the 3XX, 4XX, 5XX and 6XX levels, Graduate-Basic = classes at the 7XX level, and Graduate-Advanced = classes at the 8XX and 9XX levels.