Update On Sandburg Fire And Evacuation

Update On Sandburg Fire And Evacuation

The following update was shared with students on Sunday’s fire and subsequent evacuation of Sandburg Hall

Good afternoon residents,

On behalf of our University Housing on-call staff and emergency responders from UWM Police and the Milwaukee Fire Department, I wanted to thank you for your help in the efficient and cooperative evacuation that we had to conduct last night.

While we had limited time to communicate information during the incident last night, I did want to take a moment to bring you up to speed on the details.

The fire alarm was activated by a fire in the loading dock area of Sandburg Hall. A piece of equipment was properly plugged into the wall to recharge overnight, but somehow overheated and caught fire. (The cause was not a stove fire, as had been erroneously reported by at least one media source). Our Residence Life Coordinator who was on-call and a Student Security Coordinator responded to the loading dock, identified the location of the fire through heavy smoke, and used a fire extinguisher to control the fire. However, this created even heavier smoke that prevented staff from entering and confirming that the fire had been put out. Therefore, we made the decision to evacuate the building until Milwaukee Fire Department was able to properly enter and confirm the situation had been resolved.

MFD was subsequently able to access the loading dock, and put out any remaining fire. The all-clear was given at approximately 11:35pm, about 70 minutes after the initial alarm was triggered.

The fire has not effected any operational areas for University Housing or Restaurant Operations, so we de not expect you to experience any further inconvenience from the incident.

Students are encouraged to reach out to their RA or other administrators in Sandburg Hall should they have further questions.