UPASS Again Available Free To UWM Students

UPASS Again Available Free To UWM Students

The popular UPASS, a free Milwaukee County Transit Pass for UWM students, will again be available to students this school year.

The cost of the UPASS is included in UWM’s segregated fee. UWM’s Student Association surveyed students, who overwhelming responded they wanted the pass to remain in segregated fees for this school year.

UWM Upass cards are scheduled to be active on 8/24, and we have to furnish a list of card numbers to MCTS on 8/20. UPASS cards for returning students should be activated by August 24. New and transfer students, as well as those that lost their cards, would need a new UPASS card. Typically it takes 48 hours to activate a new card.

There is a form for students to help get cards active and ready for those students who want to be using their cards as soon as August 24.

Students attending classes on campus and planning to use public transportation can pick up the UPASS from UWM’s Parking and Transit Office in the UWM Union. More detailed information on the office’s hours of operation for the fall semester, and a pickup plan, will be available soon.

Additional information on both the Milwaukee County Transit System and UWM transportation options are available online.

Story posted August 12, 2020