Tips For Moving Out Of Your Off-Campus Residence

Tips For Moving Out Of Your Off-Campus Residence

Don’t make moving out a stressful time.You will first need to check your lease for any end of lease responsibilities and communicate with your landlord and roommates to create a plan for moving out.

Follow these tips recommended by the Neighborhood Housing Office to create a positive move out experience.

  • Disposing of unwanted items
    • It is illegal to dispose of furniture and uncontained items on the curb
    • Schedule a pick up with your local second hand store to donate items you no longer need
    • Schedule a pick up with the City of Milwaukee
      for items that cannot be reused
  • Cleaning
    • Make sure to properly clean out your rental unit before leaving to ensure you will get your security deposit back
    • Consider hiring a cleaning service, this can sometimes be less costly than losing a portion of your security deposit
    • Take pictures after you have cleaned to use at your move-out inspection
  • Utilities
    • Be sure to remove all utilities from your name or transfer them to your new address.
  • Packing
    • If you plan to use a moving trunk/service make sure to schedule this far in advance as everyone moves out around the same time
    • Take extra care of items that break easily when packing (i.e. drinking glasses, plates, mirrors, electronics)
    • Take time to wrap, pad, and protect everything before placing it in boxes
    • Start eating perishable foods before moving out so you will not have to worry about storing and moving these items
  • Changing your address
    • Update your address with the USPS
    • Update your address in PAWS
    • Provide this new address to your landlord to ensure you get your security deposit
    • Give any friends and family as well as banks and employers this new address

The Neighborhood Housing Office recommends doing a walk-through with your landlord so any discrepancies can be addressed immediately. Also, ask if you can reserve a parking spot on moving day to get your truck up close. Ask your landlord when you can expect to receive your deposit back, and then set a reminder in your personal calendar to follow up. Landlords are required to return this minus any deductions within 21 days of your move out. Make sure you leave your keys on the  day you move out.

Article posted May 13, 2020 – courtesy of Neighborhood Housing Office