Summer Courses And Fees

Summer Courses And Fees

UWM has modified course and segregated fees for summer classes now that it has been announced those courses will be offered via online or distance education.

All courses that follow the traditional summer tuition schedule will have a reduced segregated fee and a reduced distance education fee. These fees will pay for the technology to offer classes online and modified student services. The University wants to ensure all students have access to campus support services during this challenging time. Most students will pay the same or less under this modified fee schedule than they would have paid in fees last summer.

There will be no changes for students enrolled in courses that are charged fees in lieu of tuition.

Registration for summer classes is now open, and students are encouraged to enroll in summer courses. It’s a great way for students to make progress toward their degree while maintaining a flexible schedule. Additional details on summer tuition and fees are available on the Summer 2020 Tuition and Fee Page. For information on Summer 2020 financial aid, check out the One-Stop Summer 2020 financial aid page.

The university is committed to resuming in-person instruction as soon as possible, and we currently plan to offer in-person classes for Fall 2020. These classes would follow the standard tuition and fee schedule.

Story posted on April 15, 2020