Students Have Options For Class Schedule

Students Have Options For Class Schedule

As we approach the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, UWM wants to remind students of their options regarding their class schedules.

The health and safety of our campus community remains our top concern. We also know from surveys of students that there was a desire to have choices available in order to continue your education.

UWM provided an update to students about the upcoming term during our latest town hall on Aug. 12. You can view a recording of the event by clicking here. Information also is always available at our Fall 2020 Reopening site, including the hundreds of questions answered on our Fall 2020 Reopening FAQ page.

To help you prepare, we’ve also highlighted some key points below.

UWM developed its Fall 2020 class schedule after months of careful planning. A little more than half of UWM’s classes are being conducted online, and another 20% follow a hybrid model that mixes face-to-face and online instruction. Only about a quarter of UWM classes are fully in-person this fall.

For classes that will hold any in-person sessions, UWM is following best practices to ensure health and safety and working with federal and local health authorities. We’ve set campus guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing, the use of face coverings and safety training for all students and employees. You can find more information about these guidelines in the Aug. 3 update sent to students.

Among other measures:

  • Students will be asked to stagger their arrivals to and exits from classrooms, including filling seats from front to back and leaving the classroom in reverse order. Some seats will be unfilled, and plexiglass will be installed at lecterns as needed.
  • All in-person instruction will end 15 minutes early, with the expectation that this time limitation will not reduce the overall content of the course.

We encourage any student who feels unsafe in any way to let their advisor or instructor know.

You should also contact your advisor if you want to move a class from an in-person to an online section. Advisors can help with your selection or help you find online alternatives that meet the same academic requirements as your current face-to-face course.

UWM has asked instructors to have remote options, where practical, for students who can’t attend face-to-face class sessions. This may not be feasible in some lab and studio courses, but remote options should be available in lectures, discussions and seminars. We encourage students who have questions about this to contact their instructors.

In addition, students with face-to-face classes will not be penalized if they choose to take advantage of remote access opportunities for that class instead of attending in person. Again, we want to provide flexibility for anyone concerned about their health and safety.

There may be some courses, particularly labs or studios, in which online options may not be available. In those cases, students with concerns about coming to campus can work with their advisor to delay the lab or studio to another semester.

Story posted August 14, 2020