Student Leadership Programming Opportunities Available For Students

UWM’s Student Leadership Programs have a number of great opportunities for your student to develop their leadership skills.

Upcoming Student Leadership Program opportunities:

  • Ignite Leadership Institute
    • Six-week leadership exploration program, 90 minutes/week. Students select their own session time.
    • Application required. Limited to 60 students/semester.
    • Best for: New leaders looking to grow in their understanding of leadership and find community with other leaders.
  • Sophomore Springboard
    • Six-week, cohort-based program for second-year and transfer students
    • Offered in the spring semester, with a fall application deadline.
    • Best for: Second-year and new transfer students
  • Lead the Change
    • Six-week leadership certificate focused on social justice leadership and creating social change.
    • Application required. Limited spots still available for this fall. Also offered in spring.
    • Best for: Students interested in social justice and creating change
  • Strengths for Students Coaching
    • 90 minute small-group coaching session utilizing students’ Clifton StrengthsFinder results.
    • Registration required.
    • Best for: Any student interested in exploring their strengths.
  • Transitioning Your UWM Experience from College to Career
    • This semester long program will help graduating seniors understand and frame their college experiences in a way that is valuable to potential employers or graduate schools.
    • Orientation session required.
    • Best for: Students graduating in December or May 2018.