Safety And Security Of Students Is A Top Priority

Safety And Security Of Students Is A Top Priority

UWM’s Police Department and Dean of Students Office, in cooperation with theupdated UWM squad car Milwaukee Police Department, use a collaborative approach in maintaining the safety and security of UWM students, staff, neighbors, alumni and families on the east side. The efforts include increased patrols, consistent safety messaging and the campus’ annual Safety Week.

Families can play a role in keeping their students safe by sharing the following reminders when talking with their students. These same messages are shared with students on a regular basis.

  • Tell your students to walk in groups, stay in well-lit areas and be mindful of noise levels as they travel through the neighborhood.
  • Remind your students they can use B.O.S.S. (414.229.6503), Safe Walkers (414.229.4627), or MCTS to get to a destination in order to be safe and to avoid drinking and driving.
  • Your students should always be aware of their surroundings and avoid wearing headphones or displaying electronics.
  • Download the RAVE Guardian App to receive emergency alerts. 
  • Ask your students if they are keeping track of all members of their group when they go out at night. If someone is in distress, students should stay with them and call 9911 on campus or (414) 229-9911 off campus for UWMPD. If a student is off-campus, calling 911 will allow you to reach the Milwaukee Police Department.
  • If your student chooses to drink, they should keep their drink with them at all times, should not accept drinks from people they do not know and should only drink from unopened containers.
  • Many private houses and bars may have large crowds. Students should be mindful this can cause safety concerns and may be a city ordinance violation. It is often in a student’s best interest to avoid these situations.
  • Students should always lock the doors to their residences halls or off-campus residences. They should also always lock car doors and garage doors.
  • Always keep valuables out of sight and securely lock other valuables like bikes and mopeds.

While the focus on safety exists all throughout the year, UWM brings special focus on the issues of safety during Campus Safety Week, which is typically scheduled during September. Tabling events, self-defense courses, safety awareness sessions and other events take place all throughout the week.

For more information about safety-related concerns or issues, contact the UWM Police Department at 414-229-4627.