Reopening Updates From University Housing

Reopening Updates From University Housing

The following message was shared by University Housing on July 6. Continue to check their website for the latest information.

We thank you for your patience as University Housing continues to prepare for the Fall 2020 semester.

Please read below for a number of updates related to University Housing processes and assignments.

This email applies to all students with signed residence hall contracts, whether you are a first-year student, a transfer student, or a returning student.

All contract holders who wish to live in University Housing in Fall 2020 must login to and complete the Acknowledgement of Risk statement by 11:59 p.m. on July 12, 2020 (click on the link titled “Action Required”). While there, students may also update their roommate and room type preferences, as long as changes are made prior to the July 12 deadline. Students who do not complete the Acknowledgement of Risk will not be assigned until they complete the acknowledgement. Contract holders who do not want to live in University Housing should complete a Contract Cancellation Form, which can be accessed at

University Housing will be assigning suites in a number of different configurations, as we work to support social distancing and reduce density in our communities. Suites typically occupied by four to six residents may now house only three to five residents. For example, a double occupancy room may be assigned SOLO (Single Occupancy during Low Occupancy) with only one resident and be considered single occupancy for the upcoming contract period.


Based on available guidance from public health authorities, students and families should be aware that living in University Housing will result in students coming into contact more frequently with other residents, staff and visitors. As such, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus is increased, as is the risk of contracting COVID-19 coronavirus, just by living in University Housing.

All contract holders will be required to acknowledge the following statement on their contract before being assigned: “Student understands that living in campus housing could increase a student’s risk of contracting COVID-19.” The priority deadline to complete this acknowledgement is July 12, 2020.

Your University Housing room assignment may be withheld until this acknowledgement is completed.


Nearly all selections from Returner Self-Assignment will be honored. A very small group of individuals (fewer than 2%) will be contacted separately, as their self-assignment will not be honored due to space limitations. If you wish to remove yourself from your self-assigned location, you may do so by emailing Those removals must be submitted via email by 11:59 p.m. on July 12, 2020. If you remove yourself from your self-assigned location, you will be assigned via the random lottery, according to the preferences you made in the MyHousing contract.

Due to limited availability, self-assignment waitlists for specific room types will likely not see movement until after the Fall Room Freeze is lifted.

Returning residents who did not participate in the first self-assignment event will be prioritized, to have a room assignment made by the random lottery according to the preferences made in the MyHousing contract.


Due to COVID-19 coronavirus, we are re-opening the preference requests (including roommate and room type requests) in the University Housing Contract. We recognize that this pandemic may have caused you to re-evaluate your living arrangements.


University Housing may have to lower the density within our communities, which may result in some rooms not being assigned to the standard capacity limit as in previous years. For example, a double room may be assigned as a single in instance when no mutual roommate preferences are indicated on you contract. Therefore, we ask that you review and update your roommate and room type preferences you previously indicated at

Whether you would like to add someone as a roommate or suitemate preference, or would prefer to remove a roommate preference because you prefer to live in a single, we ask that you please update your requests while logging in to to complete your Acknowledgement of Risk statement. You will notice that there are now options to designate someone as a roommate or a suitemate. This online suitemate selection is a one-time exception to our normal preference process. By requesting a roommate, you are assuming an increased level of risk, related to potential composure to coronavirus.

Unlike typical years, University Housing will only assign confirmed mutually requested roommates together in shared occupancy bedrooms.  If you have a preference of a double or triple, but you do not have a mutually confirmed roommate request, you will be assigned to a single occupancy or SOLO Double (Single Occupancy during Low Occupancy) space. The assigned room type rate will apply.

You must make all changes by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, 2020. If you do not make any changes, then your previously submitted preferences will be used to attempt to assign you, provided you have completed the Acknowledgement of Risk Statement.


If you are a student being assigned through the lottery and have requested a roommate, there are potential changes that could result if your requested roommate cancels or terminates their contract with University Housing.

  • If the roommate cancels their University Housing Contract prior to the assignment process, then the roommate request will be ignored and assignment will continue based on other selected preferences.
  • If the roommate cancels their University Housing Contract after assignments have been made, the remaining resident may be moved to a single occupancy space or that double space will be converted to a “SOLO Double” (Single Occupancy during Low Occupancy).


University Housing is currently planning on releasing the first batch of assignments on Friday, July 17, and we anticipate having all assignments completed by August 7. This rolling release of assignments is similar to a typical year.  On that date, students with valid contracts (i.e., not canceled) will receive one of two emails: either

  1. you’ve been assigned, with instructions on how to access the assignment and move-in information, or
  2. you are in a queue to be assigned, and will be assigned as spaces develop. Students who are not assigned may still cancel their contract with minimal penalty (see “Adjusted Cancellation Deadline” below).

University Housing estimates that there may be additional cancellations as the summer continues – as students learn more about which classes will be online, in-person, or hybrid. This will potentially allow for more students to get assignments, or (once all contract holders have been assigned) have new contracts offered (for students on the contract access waitlist).


Due to the delay in the release of housing assignments and course delivery methods, University Housing is extending the cancellation deadline. Any students who cancel their contracts before August 1 will have $50 of their deposit refunded to them, compared to the $100 forfeiture on the original cancellation schedule. Students who cancel after that date, but at least 24 hours prior to their move-in or by August 26 (whichever comes first) will forfeit only their deposit, and will not face any other cancellation penalties.