Progress reports

Progress Reports

UWM uses Navigate, a powerful tool dedicated to student success. There are numerous benefits to students to engage with the platform and mobile application, including learning about academic resources, setting up study groups, making appointments with their academic advisor, getting reminders on important dates, and much more.

In addition, Navigate allows instructors to send Progress Reports to students throughout the term, allowing for updates on students’ academic progress in a course in addition to their grade. Students can expect to receive Progress Reports between February 17- March 19.  Certain reports may encourage academic advisors or other support staff to reach out to students as well. Students can log into the platform here: or by finding the Navigate link under the Current Students tab on the UWM home page. More information on how students can use Navigate and the app, including tutorials, can be found on UWM’s Navigate website.

When someone submits a progress report on a student that is struggling academically, that student and their advisor both receive a notification from Navigate. When logged in to Navigate, the student and the advisor will both see the “Reason” the instructor selected (e.g., “Missing Work”) and any explanation provided. In addition, if the student has been referred to a resource, that office will reach out to the student.

Students may receive a progress report for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing work
  • Not participating in discussion
  • Missing some classes
  • Missing all classes
  • Poor quiz/test performance
  • Tutoring/SI
  • Librarian
  • Writing Center
  • Other

Instructors and others may also submit an “Alert,” which leads the assigned office to create a case and reach out to the student. Advisors will be contacting many of the students who receive Progress Reports that suggest they may be in danger of poor academic performance; how that is defined may vary by school or college.