Panther Job Shadowing Program

Panther Job Shadowing Program

The Career Planning and Resource Center is excited to announce the development of the Panther Job Shadowing Program.

The“Panther Job Shadowing” allows students to connect with employers and gain insight on the company culture and how the organization aligns with their academic students.  This 1 day commitment from the employer provides the opportunity to have first contact with our talented and dedicated students.  Employers are able to identify talent before other employers and also increase their brand and presence on UWM’s campus.

Employers are able to create a schedule for this 1 day commitment which may include a company tour, observing a particular job role, attending a staff meeting or participating in a lunch or networking event.

The Panther Job Shadowing Program was created to provide and leverage the skill sets and creative talents of students in the Humanities, Arts & Sciences, Language, Journalism, Language, Political Science, Web/Media Studies, and Healthcare.  This program is open to freshman to seniors.

Students benefit by identifying employers in their field, building employer relationships, gaining knowledge on how to apply their academic program in a career related setting, and by developing new skill sets and experiences to their career wheelhouse.